Saturday, 27 September 2008

I just about cried

So I hung out with my friend Lindsay from the States today (September 24, I'm a little behind) she had some issues with the boyfriend so we went and did some retail therapy.  I left her after we did some shopping on Oxford St.  As I was walking home from the tube station I was thinking about how I wasn't in the greatest of moods either.  Just things weren't going well and smoothly.  Then I am like to houses away from mine and I see a dead pigeon in front of a door of another house.  I pass it a few steps and am like well I should photograph it to illustrate how I was feeling and probably Lindsay as well.  So I get out my camera and back track a few steps and I frame up the shot, not a very artistic one but you know.  As I am looking through my view finder the pigeon kind of raises its head a little.  I was like "Oh, geez it isn't dead."  I shot a few more frames while it made a few other head movements.  I felt horrible, I didn't know what to do, if there was anyone to call.  But it was a horribly perfect end to a horrible day, I continued home almost in tears.

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