Sunday, 14 September 2008

"O, the things you see in the front row." - Stefanie Campolo

After a day of doing pretty much nothing, reading, watching a movie, just relaxing I went to a play/dance theater thing.  The production was what I would call an interpretive dance loosely following the story of The Picture of Dorian Gray.  If I had not read the book I would not have known what was going on but the dancing was great.  I found it interesting to see something like that at a point in my life when I can actually appreciate it, rather than being a kid dragged to something like it.  I got to see my friend Gary there, a nice guy that helped us find our flat and negotiate the particulars.  So the night was good, a little culture, some friends but no pictures, sorry to disappoint.

We sat in the front row and I was kind of distracted by this line on the ladies' face that was sort of playing the part of "Henry" from what I could gather.  I thought (throughout the first half) she was wearing a mask and couldn't figure out why but it was actually her wig.  Stefanie was slightly perplexed by the same thing I found out on our way home.  

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