Sunday, 5 October 2008

The No-Jew seeing Jewish walking tour

Well today there was a Jewish walking tour of the East End of London. Since I am thinking that I might do a project of the cross section of religion in London I thought it just might be a great thing to go to and perhaps meet some people, maybe some Jews. But no, it was more of a historic Jewish walking tour. I was told that pretty much most of the Jews have moved to Ilford. So why didn't we go to Ilford you say? Well Ilford doesn't have the oldest Synagogue in England there. The synagogue in the first picture is just that, the oldest in England built over 300 years ago. We were able to go in but not to take pictures inside, of course (something I find so annoying). From there we continued on our rain filled walk to a place that would have been something like we would call project for Jews just outside of the London walls. But you can see how close they really are to the heart of London with the Mayor's office, which he doesn't really use in the background. Then we proceeded to Angel Alley.

I was slightly disappointed that I didn't see any orthodox Jews or anything like you would see in some places in New York City. Not that I haven't seen them and went on the trip just to see them like I would go to the zoo to see a penguin but it just wasn't what I thought it would be. So now I know I won't be going there for my project if I end up doing it and including the Jewish religion.

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